Reverse Osmosis Systems

Custom Engineered Solutions

FLEXEON uses a systematic process in engineering custom solutions for our customers. This process can take up to 72 hours, while an applications engineer designs, sizes, and researches all of the needed components as well as equipment in order to make your solution as comprehensive as possible. Below are the simplified steps that FLEXEON takes in designing equipment that will solve your customers' water problems

Water Analysis and Project Planning

After contacting FLEXEON and providing us with a feed water analysis, scope of the project and the forms filled out below, an FLEXEON applications engineer will be assigned to your project. Their first course of action will be to review the project and familiarize themselves with the requirements and you, the customer.

The FLEXEON applications engineer will carefully analyze and consult with FLEXEON’s expert design team to engineer a custom solution tailored to fit the specific needs of your project. It is in this stage that FLEXEON’s engineers will determine the systems and/or equipment that will be appropriate for your water type.

Design and Engineering

An ideal system design begins with the initial process and instrumentation diagram, or P&ID, which maps out the design and flow from which the system will operate. FLEXEON's design team intricately details out the necessary components to each system in a timely manner while giving the upmost attention to accuracy.

FLEXEON utilizes decades of experience in mechanical, chemical and electrical disciplines to design the ideal solution. Once the design and materials are established, FLEXEON will provide a budgetary proposal based on the needs of the application. FLEXEON works diligently with our suppliers to take customer demand in to consideration in providing the most competitive pricing on the market.


Once FLEXEON is awarded the project it then moves into the manufacturing stage of the overall process. FLEXEON assigns one of its engineers as a project manager who is designated to oversee the project from start to completion.

At this point, FLEXEON will utilize its more than two decades of water treatment manufacturing experience to ensure that the system is built exactly to specification and that all quality control measures are met. FLEXEON’s technical ability and flexibility in manufacturing allows the company to accommodate most requests.

Quality Assurance

FLEXEON delivers best-in-class quality products and services, which is why quality assurance during the manufacturing and after the system is completed is overseen by both the project manager and FLEXEON's quality department. This provides customers the confidence that the equipment they are purchasing has been built with a rigorous dedication to exceptional performance and a robust quality scheme.

Customer satisfaction and requirements are always at the forefront at FLEXEON, so ensuring that all specifications of the project have been met before shipping is mandatory. Once the system and/or equipment has met FLEXEON’s thorough quality assurance requirements, FLEXEON's shipping department ensures that everything is professionally and carefully crated and ready for transit.

On-Site Startup and Troubleshooting

The product customization process does not end when the system leaves the warehouse. FLEXEON’s extensive offering of customer value services ensures that all systems and equipment will be up and running and maintain a high level of quality.

FLEXEON also provides on-site startup and training for particular projects or when this service is purchased as a standalone service. With customer satisfaction always in mind, FLEXEON works hard to ensure from the beginning that our custom solutions meet and exceed your expectations.