Reverse Osmosis Systems


Company Overview

FLEXEON™ Reverse Osmosis Systems, formerly branded as Titan and R.O. UltraTec, have been offered worldwide for more than a decade. These engineered systems offer customers flexibility through the utilization of multiple upgrades and options. This allows FLEXEON™ systems to accommodate almost any application with feed water ranging up to 2000 TDS.

FLEXEON™ Reverse Osmosis Systems are now offered in pre-configured packages such as, Standard, Advanced and Premier for ease of selection and ordering. Customers may custom engineer their reverse osmosis system by completing our online engineering form or submitting a water analysis to one of our applications engineers.

FLEXEON™ Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed for easy filter and membrane servicing, as well as for higher recovery rates and minimal energy consumption, while offering higher flow rates and contaminant rejection levels. Systems also feature a space saving design, quality components, excellent pre-filtration and greater savings through lower maintenance and operation costs.

FLEXEON™ Reverse Osmosis Systems are manufactured out of a 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Southern California. Every system is put through stringent testing protocols to ensure quality and performance. The FLEXEON™ brand guarantees quality, consistency and reliability.